Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Summer in Welwyn Garden City

More than a month has gone by since our return to the UK. It has been a busy month. There was much to do in the garden. The lawn was in a terrible state with grass and weeds about knee high. On top of that nearly half the lawn was covered with moss. It took me nearly 3 days to mow the grass, apply weed and moss killer and weeding the flower beds. Now the garden is in a more presentable state but the lawn is still not right. I guess it will need time to recuperate.

We have decided to renovate the bathroom, the ensuite shower room and the cloakroom downstairs. Much of the last couple of weeks have been devoted to the selection of bathroom furniture plus all the purchase of all the bits and pieces that go with such a project. The actual work has not started but the garage is slowly filling up with what will be installed. I will be glad when we finally complete the renovation.

The weather has not been too good. The promised hot summer has not materialized and so far we have had more than rain than the norm. The floods in the northern counties have affected many but here in Welwyn Garden City we have been spared.

Unfortunately owing to the wet weather we have not been able to organize our traditional summer BBQ. Instead, we have had a few steamboat dinners. However, we are still hoping the weather would allow us to hold at least one BBQ this summer.

Life in Welwyn Garden City is rather quiet and peaceful the way I like it. Unlike Singapore, Welwyn Garden City is calm and uneventful. We go for our daily walk, sometime stopping at the supermarket on the way for our essentials. Most days we just stay home, doing a bit of gardening, paint a little and follow the news to keep track of what is happening in the world. Lately I have spent many hours watching a 70 episode Korean story on DVD. It is all about the going ons in the royal kitchen in old Korea. I am on the 68th episode!!

I am looking forward to the next 2 and a half months here in UK. Singapore is fine for short periods. It gets boring after a while there. However I am looking forward to our October return to Singapore. I am anxious to get back to Segamat to see the family again.