Friday, August 31, 2007

Just in time for visitors

No sooner have the renovations of bathroom, shower room and cloakroom been completed, we hear news of family members coming to stay with us. Next week we have relatives from London coming over to stay while their flat undergo a kitchen renewal. It is only a small kichen so I guess the fitting of their new kitchen will only take a few days. Our recent bathroom and toilet renovation took a total of 2 weeks. During that period we felt that it was better for us to rough it out rather than to impose on relatives. In order to complete the work as quickly as possible I had to work approximately 12 hours a day. During that fortnight I really felt my age. Made me realise that I am not as nimble as I was in my younger days. I am just now slowly recovering from my aching arms, knees, fingers and back. Next project on the card will be the renovation of our kitchen.

After the departure of our London "guests", I shall be looking forward to having my sister-in-law and daughter from KL for a few days in mid September. It would be lovely to have them stay with us for a few days.

Then in October we will have to return to Singapore. I cannot honestly say that I am eagerly looking forward to my trip to Singapore, but one bright spark in this trip will be I will get to visit Kl and Segamat. Really looking forward to that.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Back to old routine

We had Alexa for 3 days over the Bank Holiday weekend. Yesterday we had to send her back to her daddy at their home in Cobham. I must admit that I do miss her this morning. During the days she was with us, she brought back memories of the time when my 3 boys were her age. It doesn't seem so long ago when my own 3 boys needed me the way Alexa did when she was with us. Now my 3 sons are all grown-ups and independent. Contacts with them are rare. Well, I guess that I should not expect too much, lest I get disappointed.

Alexa is with her daddy and her nanny now. Looking forward to her next visit which I hope will be in a fortnight's time.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Our grand daughter

We have Alexa our grand daughter staying with us for a few days. This is a very special girl, loving and a pleasure to have around. Ofcourse all grand parents say this about their grand children. Alexa is our only grand child and we love her dearly. We are hoping to have many more grand children, but for the time being, Alexa has given us all the pleasure any grand parents could wish for. Thank you Alexa.