Friday, March 28, 2008

Back in Singapore - March 2008

Now we are in Singapore. Journey by BA was comfortable as we got first class travel. I must say the service provided by the BA crew was better than most other airlines, but unfortunately the aircraft was old and dated. Even the in-flight entertainment system did not work properly. However, this minor failure was more than compensated for by the fantastic and hospitable attitude of the crew.

When we left UK it was snowing together with very high wind. It was colder than normal for end of March. We had a white Easter this year in the London because Easter was unusually early. The north and the north-east of UK were under a thick blanket of snow. Traveling during this holiday period must have been chaotic. They say that Easter will not be as early for the next 152 years.

Completely at the other end of the temperature scale, Singapore is hot and humid. It must be around 34 deg C today with high humidity. The only way to stay cool would be to have numerous showers and stay in air-con room during the hottest part of the day. I should acclimatize quickly as I will be here for the next 2 to 3 months.

Singapore is still the same. People are still uptight and “kiasu”, even more so recently I reckon because of the uncertain world economic climate and the sharp increase in the cost of living. I am getting used to the Singaporeans. I have develop the ability to switch to my Singapore mode with I touch down at Changi Airport. When I drive I adopt the rude Singaporean mentality and when I meet neighbours I do not smile or greet as I normally would do in UK. When I leave UK I also leave my civility behind. This is the Singapore way and as they say, “when in Rome……..”

Next week we plan to visit JB. Something to look forward to. A trip to Segamat is on the card. Returning to my roots would be the best part of this trip to Singapore.

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