Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Hot and humid Singapore

Back in Singapore for nearly a week and the heat is getting me down. From the near zero temperature of London to the steaming heat of 32 deg C in Singapore has been a little tough for me. Actually the heat is not my main problem. It is the high humidity that is so oppressive. Constant showers through the day is the only way to relieve the discomfort from the heat and humidity. Guess I will have to acclimatize soon. It looks like it is going to be a 3 month stay.

I am on a strict diet to reduce my weight. My current BMI is a few points above the healthy mark. I need to get my weight down to 66 kg. Five weeks ago I weighed in at 75 kg. Now I weigh 68 kg. Another couple of weeks and hopefully I will reach my target. When I get there I intend to stay at 66 kg and not put on any more weight by over-indulgence. While in Singapore that is easier said than done. I tend to consume more food when in Singapore. Eating out is a norm to the Singaporeans. Many do not cook at home, opting for meals at foodcourts for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Weekends are great “eating out days” for most Singaporeans. Restaurants and fast food joints are usually teeming with families indulging in the favourite pastime ie eating. Singaporeans love food and they spend a greater part of their lives consuming vast quantity of it.

So, it will be difficult for me to stick to my diet when in Singapore. However, I am going to consider this a challenge. Whether I will be successful will only be evident at the end of this 3 month stay.

As we have been doing in the UK, we have decided to continue with our daily 7 km walk while we are in Singapore. Since our return to this country we have been having our morning walks at a park about a kilometer from our home. Although very warm even at 6 am in the morning, we have managed to put in at least 7 km each day. Hope we have the stamina to continue with this routine.

It has been a week since our return to Singapore and we have not visited any foodcourt for any meals. This is pretty unusual as we do eat out at least 4 times a week in the past. I am also on a strict lo-salt diet. Lately my BP has been rising steadily. I hope this Lo-salt diet will help control my BP. We shall have to wait and see whether I succeed by the end of my stay here in Singapore.

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